Portuguese Space Analogue Sites and Facilities [new deadline]

Although Portugal is a new player in the space exploration sector, its space ecosystem witnessed, in the last few years, a substantial growth in scientific and industrial interest in specific space analogue sites in the country. To further develop space exploration, the Portuguese Space Agency initiated in 2022 an in-depth exercise to harmonize and consistently categorize existing and potential sites and facilities countrywide, with a particular interest in locations that offer complementary features to existing sites worldwide.

With the intent of publishing, in 2023, a Portuguese Space Analogue Sites and Facilities catalogue, the Portuguese Space Agency invites you to fill the survey below.

This survey, presented in an Excel file, is divided in four main tabs: Instructions (so you can understand how to fill the survey); Contact information; Analogue Sites Features (with a tab dedicated to keyword suggestions); Analogue Facilities.

The first answers will be collected by June 30 (new deadline). 

The Portuguese Space Agency thanks you, in advance, for your participation.


Space Analogue Survey