When we talk about the democratisation of space, we are covering both use and access.


It is here that space transportation – as the 4th dimension of transport – plays a vital role. Space transportation, however, is not just about access to space but includes all transportation to, in and from space, with the explicit intention of enabling a “logistics” approach in space where transportation means connecting nodes, very much as we experience it on Earth.

The emergence of small satellites and their implementation as a complement of services provided by the larger infrastructure already in place stimulates further venues for access to space. 

Given worldwide trends, such as the demand for tailored dedicated services through smaller payloads, as well as lower launching prices for “commercial” payloads, Portugal has a range of opportunities to address.

Portugal is committed, through the introduction of new concepts, such as of an open spaceport, similar to a civil airport, that different operators can use. We also engaged with the formulation of a new regulatory and technological framework and new forms of financing. A single objective lies ahead: to lead the democratisation of access and use of space, developing new activities where the Government is a business partner, promoting new markets.    

Portugal Space will work to 

Develop subsystem and system competence:

to increase the Portuguese presence along the whole value chain, implement Portuguese goals in a European frame and strengthen the European space-based economy across all nations;

Stimulate user uptake - commercial and institutional :

by addressing user needs and including the user in the strategic definition process;


Build synergies :

between national-ESA-EU funding for space and other sectors;


Concerning Space transportation, Portugal should achieve the following by 2030: 

  • be a key player in the evolution of space transportation to “every-day” use;
  • a vibrant ecosystem developed around a privately led open spaceport established in the Azores contributing to the democratisation of access to space and the competitiveness of European access to space for a wide range of payloads;
  • be a key player in fostering the exploitation of space transportation technology by non-space sectors and the creation of 5 start-ups in this field;
  • attract commercial activities linked to space transportation (up to and including space tourism) to Portugal;
  • a fully develop and business attractive yet responsible space regime;
  • provide an inspirational image of Portugal through rocket science;