Developing new basic ideas and investing in technological development is at the base of any sector. 

© ESA – A. Kuipers 

Technology development should aim at early demonstration and validation in orbit to allow early adoption of innovative ideas. The Democratisation of the access to Space is a crucial enabler and Portugal should strengthen initiatives started at a national level with international partnerships.

With is in mind the Portuguese Space sector should :

  • Invest in developing and testing of fundamental ideas and early in-orbit validation and demonstration to quicker times to market;
  • Engage in international partnerships to guarantee the success of the spaceport initiative;
  • Support Space Democratisation through the development of a micro launcher with a Portuguese contribution in both space and ground segments;
  • Support the development of Space Rider, and foremost its exploitation, given the contribution it will bring to the use of space for microgravity research and product development;
  • Contribute to the increased competitiveness of the existing family of launchers in an industry-driven approach rather than governmentally driven;