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With an increasing number of sectors and activities dependent on space assents and services for their competitiveness and success, it is becoming more and more urgent to recognise the natural or human-handed threats capable of endangering assents in Space and on Earth or even threatening humanity.


Aware of the hazards, specialists and scientists have developed a new field of expertise, called Space Safety, aiming to protect our Planet, humanity and all the assets in Space and on Earth from threats originating in Space.

Addressing Space Safety provides safety from such risks must be a priority of the public and private sectors alike.

Worldwide, the public sector is expected to lead these efforts and take the necessary measures to facilitate commercial prospects and create future markets associated with Space Safety (such as service provision and in-orbit servicing).

Both the European Space Agency and the European Union are aware that Space can contribute to the field of Safety and Security by investing in its safety and security as well as in providing new services for the safety and security of others.

This growing field of concern and economic development is, at the same time, a unique opportunity that Portugal should not miss. With this in mind, Portugal has allocated 13.3 million Euro to ESA’s Space Safety Programme at the last Ministerial Council, held in Sevilha at the end of 2019.

Space Safety is structured around three major areas: Space Weather, Space Debris and clean Space, and Planetary Defence.

As for the interests of the Portuguese Space Agency will be focusing on the first two domains.

The total subscription of ESA member state in the space safety domain was 432 Million Euro.

Portugal has allocated 13.3 million Euro to the Space Safety Programme of ESA

Space Safety
Core Activities 0.5
Cornerstone Mission 1 Lagrange Point 5 2
Cornerstone Mission 2 Hera 2.8
Cornerstone Mission 3 ADRIOS 7.5
Cornerstone Mission 4 CREAM 0.5
Total 13.3