Portuguese Space Agency launches new version
of the Space Catalogue

Earlier this month, the Portuguese Space Agency published a revised and expanded edition of the Portuguese Space Catalogue. Acting as an open showcase for the national space ecosystem, the catalogue enables the identification of potential business partners in space activities.

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The last three years have seen significant growth in the Portuguese space ecosystem. Three dozen companies have been created during this period, raising the number of companies in Portugal involved in the sector to over 80. As for research centres, there are more than three dozen, employing more than 600 researchers.

These are some of the conclusions of the survey launched by the Portuguese Space Agency to Portuguese companies and research centres in 2023, which led to the production of the 2024 edition of the Portuguese Space Catalogue.

This document, which is already available for consultation on the Portuguese Space Agency’s website, details the work of each company and research institute in the area of space, presenting the products and services they commercialise and the fields of research to which they are dedicated. The catalogue also features seven companies and research centres working in the field of space law.

Intending to promote the visibility of the space ecosystem at a national and international level, this catalogue is a consultation tool for professionals both in Portugal and abroad, allowing them to identify potential business partners in space activities.

As was the case with the first edition of the catalogue promoted by the Portuguese Space Agency, the successor to the publication made by the Space Office of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in 2013, the document also features chapters dedicated to the intersection of space with other domains, such as entrepreneurship, education, culture, and the arts.

Moreover, the 2024 edition of the catalogue also brings together the important contribution of a number of the Portuguese Space Agency’s partner entities in the space sector, including AICEP, ANACOM, FCT, ANI, the National Security Office, and AED – Cluster Portugal.

Portugal Space
24 of June, 2024