FCT has ten scholarships on Ocean Colour Research

Portuguese Universities are promoting an “Ocean Colour Summer School”, supporting one of the primary focuses of Portugal Space 2030 strategy: Earth Observation. Undergraduate and master students can apply for ten scholarships.

[Update: Applications can be sent by June 21 2020.]

Driven by Portugal Space, the Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA), of the Algarve University, is holding the “Ocean Colour Summer School” – financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology’s programme “Summer with Science”.

The Ocean Colour Summer School focuses on the acquisition and use of satellite data to study phenomena and processes in the Ocean. It is part of the Earth Observation field, one of the priority domains defined in Portugal Space 2030, the national strategy for Space.

This Summer School, whose training program is being promoted by CIMA – UAlgarve researchers Sónia Cristina and Priscila Goela, aims to empower students on marine, coastal and inland-water applications and to stimulate scientific cooperation between students and teachers from different national institutions. Bringing together academics and researchers from the Universities of Algarve, Lisbon, Aveiro, Évora, Azores and Porto, and also from the Hydrographic Institute (IH) and the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), the course embraces the different perspectives of Ocean Colour.

During the 13 weeks course, students will develop small projects related to remote detection of Ocean (Water) Colour, and also experience an academic environment that will stimulate scientific cooperation between students and teachers from different national institutions.

The first five days of the Ocean Colour Summer School will be used for the teaching component, to be done at CIMA-UAlgarve. The rest of the time will be dedicated to research work, in person either at the premises of CIMA, the primary host of the program or at the partner institutions.

For this Ocean Colour Summer School, scheduled to start at the end of July, FCT is providing funding for ten research scholarships, intended for undergraduate and master students. The deadline for applications is July 21 2020.

For further information, please refer to the following notices:

Research Grants

Notice 035A/2020; Notice 035C/2020; Notice 035D/2020; Notice 035F; Notice 035G/2020; Notice 035G/2020; Notice 035I/2020.

Grants to Initiation Research

Notice 035B/2020; Notice 035E/2020; Notice 035H/2020; Notice 035J/2020.


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15 of July, 2020