Horizon Europe has 25 new calls
for space-related projects

The new European framework program opens today the tender for the allocation of funding for projects in various areas of the spatial sector.
Horizon Europe seeks to encourage research and innovation, fundamental concepts for the Portugal Space 2030 strategy.

Horizon Europe program opens 25 tenders to allocate funding for Space-related projects this Thursday, October 28. The European Union’s funding program for 2021-2027 has 95.5 billion euros to support research and innovation projects in various areas.

There are 22 tenders distributed over various themes within the space sector, such as Space Competitive systems (Satellite communications, Earth Observation, On-orbit operations and new system concepts e Electrical Propulsion); Access to Space (Reusability, low-cost, high trust propulsion, industrial sites, new space transportation systems); Evolution Copernicus Services; Quantum technologies for space gravimetry; Space Technologies; Space Science and exploration technologies and Space Weather.

In addition to these opportunities, there are three more, managed by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), focused on the European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS) and in Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme and their application in aspects like the European Green Deal.

The deadline for submitting applications for these opportunities is February 16, 2022.

One of the fundamental elements of the Portugal Espaço 2030 strategy is the promotion of the diversification of funding sources for the industrial and scientific activities. National companies have in the Horizon Europe program a crucial opportunity to ensure their development, creating new jobs, contributing to the national economic growth and working for the consolidation of Portugal’s position on an international level in such a strategic sector”, says Hugo André Costa, board member of the Portuguese Space Agency.

Horizon Europe is based on three pillars, and Space is placed in the second one, which is related to “Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness” and includes the Digital, Industry and Space cluster. This cluster aims to put European industry at the forefront of key areas, respecting the limits of the planet. The ultimate goal is to build a competitive, digital, low-carbon and circular industry in order to ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials.  

In addition to combating climate change, the European framework program aims to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to promote competitiveness and growth among the countries of the European Union. Thus the program seeks to respond to global challenges from the European continent, stimulating collaboration in research and innovation while supporting European Union policies. In this sense, it is also an objective of Horizon Europe to create jobs and invest in talent in the European Union.

This vision aligns with Portugal’s desired participation in this domain. This volition is demonstrated in the National Strategy for Space, Portugal Space 2030, which the Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space aims to implement.  

The strategic objectives of this document point to the promotion and economic growth from Space, but also to the creation of qualified jobs in Portugal. Several sectors will be nourished in this initiative and may benefit from space solutions – from urban development to health, transportation, infrastructures, agriculture, fishing, tourism, defense and security. In this context Portugal aims to promote the democratization of the access and the use of Space, which comes with its integration into the economy and in society, always keeping environmental and economical sustainability in view. Furthermore, the promotion of international scientific and technological cooperation guides the Portugal Space 2030 strategy, in a vision that includes the strengthening of diplomatic relations. 

The national points of contact for Horizonte Europa are Marta Gonçalves and Joan Alabart, who work closely with the other entities of the PERIN network.

Any questions should be sent by e-mail to horizonteeuropa@ptspace.pt.


Portugal Space
28 of October, 2021