Portugal Space and Técnico open call for first aid volunteers for SSP 2022

The ISU initiative arrives in Oeiras this summer. Portugal Space and Técnico are recruiting volunteers for first aid. The volunteer term can last for a fortnight, for one month, or for the duration of the entire nine-week course.

After the call for volunteers to provide support for activities related to information technology, communication and media, or logistics during the SSP 2022 (Space Studies Programme), the Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space and Instituto Superior Técnico are now opening the call for first-aid officers. SSP 2022 will take place in the Taguspark campus of Técnico, in Oeiras, and will run between June 27th and August 26th. This is an initiative of the International Space University (ISU) dedicated entirely to space, and this year Agência Espacial Portuguesa and Instituto Superior Técnico take responsibility for the course.

According to the International Space University (ISU), first aid personnel will be required to “provide immediate care” if any of the participants are “injured or ill until they recover or receive professional medical attention.” “The first aid officer will examine and treat minor injuries in the workplace” according to their knowledge and “provide reasonable observation and care for more serious injuries until a qualified medical team” is present.

The ISU sets out some criteria that first aid staff should follow: 

  • Take reasonable care of the health and safety of others in the performance of their normal duties;
  • Assess what has happened, should any of the participants sustain an injury or feel ill;
  • Identify health hazards and risks in the area;
  • Provide health care according to their knowledge; 
  • Maintain adequate stock of first aid supplies and request additional supplies when necessary;
  • Keep the first aid room clean and tidy;
  • Perform other related duties.

Applications can be sent to secretariado@ptspace.pt with the subject “Call SSP – First Aid – [name of candidate]” until 31 May. Applicants should send their CV and motivation letter. All volunteers will be entitled to a certificate of participation at the end of the program. Volunteering can be undertaken for a fortnight, for one month or even throughout the whole programme, for a total of nine weeks. All volunteers may have access to classes, activities and social events, and meals during the programme activities are provided.

The Space Studies Programme is an intensive professional development experience designed for recent graduates and professionals from a wide range of disciplines. The course lasts nine weeks and is expected to welcome around 150 participants of 25 or more nationalities.

Portugal Space
12 of May, 2022