Portugal Space, the future of ESA and the future EU Space Program


Thalia Theatre, Lisbon | 28 March 2019 | 14h30 – 16h30

Portugal Space, ESA and the European Space Program (2021-2027)

Presentation and discussion: an open dialogue with Chiara Manfletti, President (read presentation here), Luís Santos, Vice President e Rui Meneses (read presentation here), European Comission

Opening: Manuel Heitor, Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Eduatication (read intervention here: portuguese & english)

Debate moderated by Zita Martins, IST and coordinator for MIT-Portugal program, with the following speakers:

•  Ricardo Conde, Edisoft

•  Teresa Ferreira, GMV

•  Elsa Alexandrino, Deimos Engenharia

•  Elsa Henriques, FLAD

•  Ana Noronha, Ciência Viva

•  Tiago Rebelo, CEiiA

•  Jarle Brinchmann, CAUP

•  Rui Santos, AED

Organized by PERIN – Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network


Portugal Space
28 of March, 2019