What is your space dream?

On the road to Space19+, the European Space Agency is opening a competition, named #MySpaceDream, to communicate about how space inspires our citizens.

From 11 until 21 June everyone is invited to upload a 30 second video about the Space19+ topic that inspired them the most and explain what is their dream about it.

Contestants can win a tour of the European Astronaut Centre and be an ESA Astronaut for a day.

You are cordially invited to:
1. Share the My Space Dream URL, https://www.myspacedream.com/en, with your community (the site is available in FR, DE, IT and ES)
2. Upload your very own Space Dream HERE. An online tutorial for participants is available HERE.

More information about the Space19+ is available on the My Space Dream website.

Portugal Space
11 of June, 2019