ESA launches survey to the maritime community on the use of space systems

The European Space Agency wants to know how the maritime sector is using space assets (systems, data and technologies), what are their biggest challenges and priorities. The online questionnaire is open until the end of February.

Portugal, through the Portuguese Space Agency, works closely with the European Space Agency (ESA) on its various space programmes and activities.

ESA established, early last year, a Task Force composed by representatives from European States and ESA experts to explore the potential of space systems and data to meet the challenges and ambitions of the European maritime sector. This task force was dubbed “Blue Worlds” (BWTF) from the name of an exercise done in 2019 to map ESA activities existing or planned that are relevant to the maritime sector. Some background material can be found here.

In the frame of this BWTF, it was decided, quite naturally, to reach out to maritime players (intended as users) to sense their actual use of space assets (systems, data and technologies) and get some understanding on the main challenges they face and their priorities.

To this aim, a questionnaire has been prepared by ESA and is being disseminated throughout Europe to current and potential users of space assets in the maritime community.

The questionnaire doesn’t require any previous knowledge of space activities, technologies or other related aspects. It is meant for you to express your views, your needs and your expectation on the basis of your knowledge and understanding.

We are thus disseminating this questionnaire and kindly ask you to fill it in at your earliest convenience and not later than the end of February 2021

The Portuguese Space  Agency strongly support this initiative by ESA and we thank you for your time.

Should you have any queries about the questionnaire please address them to Carolina Sá [ [@] ptspace], Earth Observation Project Manager at Portugal Space and/or Piero Messina [piero.messina [@]].

Portugal Space
2 of February, 2021