Portugal Space promotes national use of the
Copernicus Program for Land Applications

Data from Copernicus are used for emergency management, land use characterization, crop profitability or forest management, and the Portuguese Space Agency aims to make all of these applications known, as well as to expand the national user base.

Captured by Copernicus Sentinel-2, this image of Lagoa das Sete Cidades (São Miguel Island) shows how the destruction of forest areas, their transformation into meadows and pastures has increased nutrient flow and transformed the landscape. In the middle of the 20th century, the absence of a sewage system and increased pressure on the ecosystem led to the eutrophication of lakes as a result of nutrient enrichment fed by human agriculture and domestic activities.

Registration Closed Join the Portuguese network of Copernicus users

Registration is open for the second Information Session on the European Earth Observation Program – Copernicus, which will take place on the morning of February 5 (see program). Organized by the Portuguese Space Agency, in partnership with the Directorate-General of the Territory (DGT) and the Atlantic International Research (AIR) Centre, this second event will focus on Services and Applications on Land.

In order to broaden the user base (particularly with Public Administration entities), to boost the use of satellite data and to increase the number of new applications developed from Copernicus data, this session takes place under the Framework Partnership Agreement for the Use of Copernicus by Member State users (FP-CUP).

From the mapping of land use and occupation to the use of satellite data for research and innovation in the area of forestry and fire prevention, to the profitability and maximization of agricultural crops, to various applications in energy management or infrastructure monitoring, some of the various uses of the Copernicus program in Portugal will be demonstrated. 

Like the first session dedicated to Marine Services (registration for which remains open until 28 January), the session on Services and Applications in the Terrestrial Environment is free and open to all, but registration is necessary.

As mentioned, this cycle of Information Sessions is part of a wider initiative carried out within the FP-CUP*, which will also include training sessions, support for the development of downstream applications in different sectors, and also support for the promotion of SMEs and the promotion of innovation in the commercial Earth Observation segment.

[ * The FP-CUP is an initiative developed and funded by the European Union that currently covers 48 partners from 23 European countries, including the Portuguese Space Agency, DGT and the AIR Centre.]
Portugal Space
28 of January, 2021