Portuguese Space Agency and DGT promote the use of Copernicus for forestry and agriculture

A new session in the series of events organised under the FPCUP is scheduled for December 18 and 19, in a hybrid format.

The Portuguese Space Agency and the Directorate-General for Territory (DGT) are organising the event “Copernicus for the Portuguese Forestry and Agriculture sectors”, on  December 18 and 19 as part of the activities funded by the Framework Partnership Agreement on Copernicus User Uptake (FPCUP). The conference aims to promote the use of satellite data for forestry and agriculture in Portugal and to respond to the challenges faced by public and private organisations with activities in these areas.

Taking advantage of a partnership with Colab Forestwise and the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), the event will feature a number of speeches, debates and presentations on the subject. The first day of the conference takes place exclusively online, while on  December 19 the speakers will meet in the Auditorium of the Directorate-General for Territory in Lisbon.

According to Mário Caetano, DGT’s deputy director-general, “this event is another opportunity to promote the use of Earth Observation and the products and services of the Copernicus programme in Portugal”. He also pointed out that “the event was organised to facilitate networking between the various stakeholders in the agricultural, forestry and space sectors, creating opportunities for future collaboration between users and service providers in the field of space technologies”.

“This conference arises from the events dedicated to the Energy sector and Smart Cities and, like the previous actions, aims to publicise the potential applications of the Copernicus programme in different economic sectors, in this case in particular to reinforce that space technologies play an essential role in the protection and management of national forests”, says Carolina Sá, Earth Observation project manager at Portuguese Space Agency. Emphasising that space technologies are “great allies in empowering all the players in the national agricultural sector”, Carolina Sá explains that “the sessions that make up this action show that there is knowledge and human capital so that, in Portugal, we can make greater use of space technologies in resource management”.

Registration for the conference “Copernicus for the Portuguese forestry and agricultural sectors” is open until December 11. Consult the event Agenda and register.

Portugal Space
5 of December, 2023