Portuguese Space Agency launches survey to update the Portuguese Space Catalogue

The new survey is the starting point for updating the Portuguese Space Catalogue. Companies and research centers with connections to Space
will be able to participate until February 23rd.

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The Portuguese Space Agency launches this Monday, January 16, a study that aims to make an updated portrait of the space industry and research centres in Portugal. The survey to map the Portuguese space ecosystem is now available on the Agency’s website.

The results will lead to an updated version of the catalog Portugal Space — Overview of the Portuguese Space Ecosystem 2021 | 2022. “The participation of industry and research centres in the 2021 survey exceeded our expectations and the catalog proved to be an excellent tool for national and international dissemination of the skills and work of the ecosystem,” says Ricardo Conde, president of the Portuguese Space Agency.

The Portugal Space catalog — Overview of the Portuguese Space Ecosystem, which updated and expanded the document created in 2013 by the FCT Space Office, showed the existence of 52 companies and 30 research centres whose main activity (or a significant part of it) takes place in the space sector.

This survey addresses topics such as the number of employees or researchers, the composition of the teams, as well as the areas of activity or research. In addition, it also seeks to know the main industrial and/or research projects of each organization, as well as the relationship of organizations with the national and international space sector, particularly regarding funding tools.

The results will be, as previously done, used to create the Portuguese Space Catalogue 2023-2024. In addition to the fact sheets for each company and/or research centre, the catalog will also include sections dedicated to educational projects linked to the space sector, Portugal’s participation in various international organizations, as well as information on the relationship of culture to Space or entrepreneurship, for example.

“This document allows the entire ecosystem to present its capabilities at various levels, from products, technologies, services and knowledge related to the area of space”, explains Joan Alabart, Industrial Relations and Projects Office of the Portuguese Space Agency. “We know that the ecosystem is constantly evolving, we have more companies and research centres connected to space, the sector has more and better-installed capabilities, and we hope that the ecosystem responds to the challenge and that the new Catalog mirrors this growth.”

Companies and research centres interested in responding to this survey should do so by February 23.


Given the length of the questionnaire, we suggest consulting the questions in advance:

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16 of January, 2023