The Portuguese Space Catalogue is now available

The Portuguese Space Catalogue, produced by the Portuguese Space Agency, offers an in-depth portrait of the Portuguese space sector ecosystem and includes chapters dedicated to the intersection of Space with other domains, such as education and the arts.

The Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space, presents this week, during the Intermediate Ministerial Meeting (IMM) of the European Space Agency (ESA), the Catalogue Portugal Space – Overview of the Portuguese Space Ecosystem, an in-depth portrait of the Portuguese space sector ecosystem.  

The analysis produced by Portugal Space, through a survey launched to the spatial ecosystem, showed the existence of 52 companies and 30 research centres whose main activity, or a significant part of it, takes place in the spatial sector. The Catalogue also has a chapter primarily dedicated to space law, including two lawyers offices and three research centres.  

The Portuguese Space Catalogue, already available online, highlights each company and research centre’s vision for the Space sector and its’ products, services, applications, technologies, and I&D projects. With the primary goal of increasing the visibility of the Space ecosystem on a national and international level, the Catalogue serves as a working tool for professionals working in Portugal or abroad, allowing them to identify potential business partners in Space activities.  

To facilitate navigation throughout the Catalogue, readers can use the Space Capabilities matrixes, which provide a global vision of the installed capacity in the Portuguese spatial sector. “Divided between the industrial and research entities capabilities, they are a summary of the wide range of areas and skills associated with the different actors of this sector. This feature aims to help identify national partners specialized in the different space domains”, explains Joan Alabart, Industrial Relations and Projects Officer of the Portuguese Space Agency.  

The Portuguese Space Catalogue also offers a vision on the space infrastructure installed in Portugal and the Portuguese presence in international organizations linked to Space,e such as European space entities and events dedicated to the theme in Portugal. Examples of this are the Santa Maria Teleport or the Space Surveillance and Tracking system (SST-PT), the Space Kilometer Array Organization (SKAO), the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) or the Space Studies Program (which the Portuguese Space Agency will organize next year in Oeiras). 

Since Space is not limited to these domains, it is also possible to explore the intersection between this sector with other activities in a diverse list that includes education, culture, arts and entrepreneurship.   

This document also has the Ministry for Science, Education and Higher Education, AICEP, the Foundation for Science and Technology, the National Innovation Agency, ANACOM, the National Security Cabinet, IPMA, Directorate-General for Territory and AED – Portugal Cluster.  




Portugal Space
18 of November, 2021