Portuguese Space Agency and LNEC to promote the use of Copernicus for smart cities

The event promoted by Portuguese Space Agency and LNEC is scheduled for 26th May and will take place at LNEC's facilities in Lisbon. The action will include informative and practical sessions, as well as a matchmaking session. Registrations close on the 18th May.

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Portuguese Space Agency, together with LNEC – Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering in English), promotes the Copernicus for Smart Cities event. The action is scheduled for 26th May 2023, at LNEC’s Congress Centre.

This event, promoted within the activities funded by the Framework Partnership Agreement on Copernicus User Uptake (FPCUP*), seeks to address the needs of users of Earth Observation services in the smart cities scenario in Portugal.

Sofia Souto, Earth Observation project manager at Portuguese Space Agency, explains that the action aims “to enhance user uptake of Copernicus programme by different end-users, in line with the key priority areas in Portugal”. “We previously promoted a similar action for the energy sector. Now, we look at smart cities and hope to contribute to the existence of more and more cities that use a set of systems that interact intelligently, using energy, materials, services and resources sustainably”, she adds.

Different aspects that relate Earth observation to the existence of smart cities will be addressed in one day. The day will begin with a welcome address by Laura Caldeira, President of LNEC, and a brief presentation on the Copernicus programme. Among the speakers invited for the event sessions are Arnis Kadakovskis, from EUSPA, João Bentes de Jesus, from GeoSat, Laura Lorenzo, from Green City Makers, Cristiana Leandro, from National Agency of Innovation, Ricardo Cabral, from Spotlite, or Giuseppe Cornaglia, from the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection, for example.

The needs of the sector in Portugal will also be addressed, as well as success cases from the national industry and academia. The conference also features a matchmaking session, which seeks to foster relationships between different stakeholders.

The event will also include practical and informative sessions, which will provide conference participants with the tools and content necessary to use the services of the European Union’s Earth observation programme: “Our goal is also to show the potential of Copernicus data and services to municipalities, public and private entities and for that reason, we have organised these more practical sessions so that they can see the applicability of these services. This way, we bring them closer to the Copernicus programme”, adds Sofia Souto.  With a focus on several topics of interest for the different stakeholders of smart cities, the sessions will always have a common denominator: Earth observation.

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15 of May, 2023