Portuguese Space Agency promotes Earth Observation in Madeira

Funchal hosts an event as part of the “Earth Observation for Municipalities” initiative on June 28th. The session is organised in cooperation with the Ordem dos Engenheiros da Região da Madeira.

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After passing through Guimarães and Pampilhosa da Serra, the Portuguese Space Agency’s initiative to promote the use of Earth Observation technologies is heading to the Autonomous Region of Madeira this summer. As part of the “Earth Observation for Municipalities” series of sessions, the “Earth Observation for the Madeira Region” event will take place on June 28th at the Electricity Museum – Casa da Luz, in Funchal. The session has the support of the Ordem dos Engenheiros da Região da Madeira (RMOE).

Carolina Sá explains that this time, the target audience is different. “In Madeira, we will be talking to potential users of these technologies who work in the region’s Public Administration. In other words, it’s an event that encompasses more than just the sphere of municipalities, since the aim is to encourage the use by the Government of Madeira itself.” Nevertheless, the Portuguese Space Agency’s Earth Observation programme manager notes that the event is a continuation of the “work done in the North and Centre”, as the goal “is the same”. “We want to continue promoting the use of Earth Observation technologies and contribute to the creation of synergies between companies and the public administration,” she points out.

For his part, the President of the Madeira Region of the Order of Engineers, Miguel Branco, highlights some of the areas in which the region should benefit from the growing use of Earth Observation technologies, namely in the fields of smart cities, land occupation, emergency management, agriculture, forestry, nature conservation, blue economy, maritime monitoring, marine resources, and climate change.

“Engineering-driven observation of the Earth from space is revolutionising our understanding of the planet. Satellites equipped with advanced technology capture data on climate, natural resources, and environmental changes. Engineering creates robust and precise systems to operate in the hostile environment of space,” Miguel Branco points out. “The synergy between Earth observation and engineering plays a vital role in environmental monitoring, resource management and informed decision-making for the sustainability of the planet and, of course, Madeira, which is why the Madeira Region of the Order of Engineers has associated itself with this event, bringing engineering closer to society,” he adds.

The session will take place between 10 am and 4:30 pm. The agenda will be announced shortly.

The event “Earth Observation for the Madeira Region” is open to the public and free of charge, but registration is required, and participation is limited to the capacity of the auditorium. Registration is open until the 24th of June.

The “Earth Observation for Municipalities” sessions will then move on to the other Portuguese regions: Lisbon and Tagus Valley and Alentejo, Algarve, Autonomous Region of the Azores. The dates for the upcoming events will be announced in due course.

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22 of May, 2024