Inês d’Ávila

Space Safety & Space Transportation Officer

Inês has never entertained the thought of turning down a challenge. Driven by a passion for witnessing projects and ideas come to life, she earned a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering to contribute to the growth of the Portuguese space sector. This is precisely what she has been accomplishing since she joined the Portuguese Space Agency, overseeing activities in the fields of Transportation and Space Safety. Inês also holds the role of the national representative in various international organizations within these domains and serves as one of the project managers for the European Rocketry Challenge.

With a keen eye for reviewing various types of documents and a penchant for perfection, she consistently delivers the most creative and effective PowerPoint presentations, along with the most precise reports you’ve ever seen. Inês is not easily impressed by many things — except for chocolates. Present her with a box of them, and you’ll almost instantly gain her friendship.


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